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January 23, 2012 / morrowmania

Busy, busy, busy!

This will be a quick post because I am…busy!  This weekend Billy and I attended the first of our five required adoption classes.  We enjoyed it and met several more couples like us.  We were asked to speak in church on Sunday.  For the Sanctity of Life Sunday our church wanted to spotlight adoption.  Our pastor called us onstage and gave us a little interview so that others that might be interested could get an idea of the process.  After church several people approached us asked either how they could get started or to tell their stories of adopting or being adopted.  It was such a blessing.  Yesterday we went to pick up another twin mattress and box springs.  We are certainly getting ready over here.  We are still up to our eyeballs in paperwork.  This week we will be fingerprinted again, have our first home visit with our caseworker, scheduling Red Cross classes, etc.  Anyway, sorry no pictures, no time!

January 20, 2012 / morrowmania


I was able to import pictures into my computer today with no problems.  I didn’t try anything different, it just happened to finally work today. Today I took Lawson and Megan to the eye doctor.  They both had to have new glasses.  Lawson has had glasses before, Megan has not.  Now everyone in our house wear glasses except Grace.

Megan just needed reading glasses.

According to the opthamologist, Lawson has horrible double vision.  He said this is why it took him so long to learn to read.  He also said that he would “bet my license” that he doesn’t even have ADHD but that it is due to his eyes.  He showed me how when holding a pencil at arms length and moving it closer to Lawson that instead of Lawson’s eyes crossing one eye would veer off to the left.  His condition is called Convergence Impairment or something like that.  Anyway, when I was trying to tell Billy about it he said “I have the same thing!”  So, Lawson has to do eye strengthing exercises four times per day for three minutes at a time for the next eight weeks.  If after eight weeks his eyes are not able to cross then he will begin therapy.

I will now leave you with pictures that I have wanted to show you for a week now.

January 19, 2012 / morrowmania

Still no pictures

I don’t know why but my computer will still not accept my SD card.  Nothing happens when I insert it.  Usually a box will pop up on the screen that asks me if I want to import pictures.  Megan is writing a paper right now or I would ask her to import them with my camera’s cord because I don’t know how to do it.  Maybe I should learn!

Anyway, Grace and I went to the eye doctor today.  It was our first time getting our eyes dialated.  That was interesting to say the least.  Grace’s eyesight is perfect.  I got a prescription for reading glasses.

We have had an ongoing problem with our mail carrier.  We consistently get our next-door neighbor’s mail.  Our mailboxes are clearly marked by the way.  We sometimes go days without mail, neighbors too.  I have gotten boxes stuck in the mailbox that I couldn’t get out.  Mail is routinely bent and creased.  We finally started calling and filing complaints.  The day after the first complaint I found a piece of mail in the mailbox that was completely ripped in two and we only got one of the halves.  Yesterday I saw her trying to put a box in our mailbox that was too big and I hollered out the window very nicely, “Please don’t put that in the mailbox, the last one got stuck.”  I was getting my shoes on to go outside and I looked out the peephole before opening the door.  I saw her drop all of my mail on the porch.  She has wadded up envelopes of adoption paperwork, you name it.  Today I received in the mail a pump dispenser for the giant Sam’s ketchup bottles.  It came in a bubble-wrapped envelope that looked like it had been stomped on.  I’m sure it was stomped on.  And the pump dispenser was crushed.  Very frustrating!!!

That’s all I have today.  My finger hurts so bad it hurts to type.  In case you didn’t hear, our hamster bit me so hard.  I bled on a stack of school books and by the time I got to the bathroom both hands were full of blood.  I think she may be pregnant.  That’s the way I acted when I was pregnant anyway.

January 17, 2012 / morrowmania

Busy weekend!

So sorry to have left you all hanging all weekend long!  Four-day weekend at that!  I know you all just set around your computers waiting for me to blog!  LOL  Anyway, I’ve been trying to upload my pictures so that I can blog but for some reason it isn’t working.  So, I will go ahead and blog but without any pictures.  😦

We had a very busy weekend.  Billy and Lawson went on a three-day backpacking campout to nearby Crowder Mountain with Lawson’s Boy Scout troop.  They had lots of fun.  The girls and I started off the holiday weekend with a field trip to the Krispy Kreme plant on Friday.  It was totally boring but we each got a free box of warm donuts so that made it worth it!  We weren’t allowed to take pictures so I only got one picture of the three girls outside the plant.  After the field trip we went to Petco to buy a new hamster.  Our other hamster died the night before.  Our new hamster, Ruby, may possibly be pregnant.  We aren’t sure but she is showing some of the signs such as building a nest and hoarding food in the nest.  Ruby is a teddy bear hamster and teddy bear hamsters can have litters of up to 23.  Wow!  All of our friends will be getting hamsters for their birthdays this year!

Saturday the girls and I went to the christian bookstore to pick up a book for one of our sponsored children.  Allen, 14, lives in Uganda.  We have sponsored her for the past four years.  She writes us the sweetest letters and has even started calling me Mum.  In her last letter she asked me to send her a book.  We bought C.S. Lewis’ The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.  After the bookstore we went to a few more stores and had lunch together at Chickfila.

We went to church on Sunday and then went to pick up two beautiful twin-sized cherry wood sleigh beds for Lawson’s, and his future brother’s, room.  Billy and Lawson returned from their trip while we were out picking up the beds.  Oh, did I mention they were free!!!!!

After I began this post I had to stop to answer the phone.  It was World Vision.  We sponsor three other children through them.  She told me that on March 10th there was going to be a concert at the Bojangles Colosseum with Casting Crowns and a few other people.  She invited us (Billy, Megan, and me) to attend the concert for free if we would volunteer at the World Vision Sponsorship table before and after the concert and during intermission!  Of course!  So, anyone want to watch Lawson, Grace, and Chloe that evening from 4pm to very late?

January 12, 2012 / morrowmania

Frontier Girls

Frontier Girls and moms

Grace has been begging to join Girl Scouts for the past four years.  We have our reasons why we don’t like Girl Scouts but I’m not getting into that on here.  A friend of mine told me a few months ago that a lady she knew wanted to start a Frontier Girls club.  From what I was told Frontier Girls was began five years ago by a sixth grade Girl Scout that was not happy with the way Girl Scouts was going.  So, we began a group in October.  So far there are seven families with nine girls involved.  They have red vests and can earn badges and patches, similar to Scouting.  This past Friday was our turn to host.  We learned about first aid and what we needed to do to earn our first aid badges.  Following are some pictures I took during craft time.  The girls made little purses out of old blue jeans.  Very cute!

Grace, 10


Frontier Girls and moms

some of the Frontier Girls and moms


our troop leader and her daughter


Chloe, 7


Frontier Girls craft time


January 10, 2012 / morrowmania

Adoption Update

Alot of people have been asking me how the adoption licensing is going.  Instead of going through the whole explanation a thousand times every time something changes I will just put all updates on here and refer people to my blog.  If they want the info they’ll just have to read it here, right?  Except for my Mom and Daddy, of course, who don’t have a computer.

Where we stand right now…

We have filled out the necessary applications and profiles, gotten our out-of-state background checks, and had our first face-to-face meeting with Children’s Home Society of North Carolina.  Our agent from CHS is Tiffany.  She is very sweet.

We are currently waiting to attend the MAPP training classes that will be held for five consecutive Saturdays from 9am-3pm beginning January 21.  Billy, Megan, and I need to get fingerprinted, again.  Hopefully we can do that tomorrow?  I’ll have to check with Billy on that before I promise you anything.  Billy and I need to take the Red Cross CPR/First Aid training class. All six of us will need to go to the doctor for medical exams and TB testing for us older three.  Even Ella, our hybrid poodle-cat, will have to get an exam and necessary shots.  Our first home visit will be January 26.  Eek!  That’s right around the corner!

Tiffany has been emailing referrals for us to look at.  I tell you, it’s a really good thing there is not an “add to cart” button or I would have a house full of kids by now!  It is hard to read some of these referrals.  I can’t believe the things these precious little kids have been through in their short lives, at the hands of their parents no less.  It’s heart-breaking but reassuring at the same time that we can help change things for someone.

So, anyway, hopefully we will be licensed and ready to go by March like Tiffany expects we will.

The kids at church

Megan has been making bows for the past several months.  Here are her most recent…

January 9, 2012 / morrowmania

Menu Plan Monday

Several of the blogs that I read post their menu plans every Monday.  I love reading them so here ya go!


Tuesday-Spaghetti and Meatballs/Salad/Garlic Bread

Wednesday-dinner at church

Thursday-Homemade chicken Noodle Soup/Bread

Friday-Pizza and Chocolate Cake (Billy and Lawson will be on a Boy Scout campout so the girls and I will have a chocolate cake all to ourselves!)